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Victor V with Flower Horn Serial Number 48769 Type A 

Build Date:  Approximately 1909

Originality:   1   Absolute dead-on original set

Overall Condition:   3+    Exceptional condition for a 100% original, untouched machine.

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Here is a phonograph for the individual who wants only an exceptional and 100% original, untouched example. This set came out of an attic of an old townhome in downtown Madison, Wisconsin a few years ago, and is one of the nicest originals we have found in recent years. The horn was with this machine when new, and the fact that it was all well-protected in a sealed crate while in storage at the home is a testament to the overall condition. The Victor V was the second most expensive external-horn machine that the company made, and is considered to be a very highly collectable item today. This machine cost a whopping $60.00 brand new, which equates to over $1,450.00 in today's money. Plus, the optional (and gorgeous) flower horn added $3.00 to the price tag! This is truly a large and stunning piece of furniture, and is very substantial in both weight, performance and detail.  We come across Victor V's on occasion, but most have been badly restored, tinkered-with or are in hopeless condition.  Everything is original on this machine, and has not been over coated, restored, painted or otherwise "messed-with". The original finish on the cabinet is killer, one of the nicest untouched ones we've come across! Still lots of shine and only the slightest hint of crazing. The optional flower horn is in great shape for its age, and shows only a few small dings and chips.  No significant deformation or dents. The original Victor decal still clearly present.  And believe it or not, it still has the original turntable felt! Yes, it is discolored and a bit tired, but it would be a crime to tear it off and replace it.  What a piece of history! And with so much size, this machine is plenty loud! The hefty 3-spring motor (Victor's best at that time) is powerful and will provide years of reliable service. It is a very strong performer, with a quiet motor, and plenty of volume to fill any room with sound.  This Victor is no toy; a most impressive piece when seen in-person. Due to the weight, a heavy base cabinet or table should be used for support, and it does require considerable space around it such that the horn will not be bumped by passers-by.  This imposing machine will hold its own anywhere, and would be a stunning showpiece in any home.  The motor and soundbox are fully rebuilt, and ready for years of service. 

You can find more on the Victor V by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.



Price:  $2650.00



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