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Victor 1  Serial Number 56705   

Build Date: 1909

Originality:   2  Outstanding museum-grade restoration

Overall Condition:   2  Gorgeous little machine. Nearly "as new" condition

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See it in action on YouTube! Click here.

The Victor 1 was the basic entry-level model of its day, selling for just $22.00 when new, which equates to about $600.00 in today's money. It features the optional (and extra-cost) small flower horn, which was a rare upgrade for this model.  This is a very attractive small machine, typical of what a middle-class buyer would have purchased over 100 years ago. This example has been restored to a museum level, with all hardware re-plated, the horn painted and hand-detailed, and a new correct finish applied. It looks very nearly like it did when it came from the factory 110 years ago. We restored this for a customer back in 2013, and it's one of the best restorations we have ever done; the cost of the labor and  materials alone for the restoration exceeded the current selling price. The owner decided to retire and downsize, so we bought it back last year, and it is now available for sale. It is truly "darn near perfect". The only noticeable item is some very slight ripples toward the mouth of the horn, but these are so small that they would have to be pointed-out for anyone to notice. We went through the motor again last summer, and it is now freshly rebuilt and ready to go. This small phonograph has a single-spring motor, which must be wound after every record is played, but it has plenty of power to complete even the longest 12" records without slowing. If you are looking for an authentic external-horn phonograph that does not take-up a lot of space, this would be an outstanding choice.  It has surprising performance for such a small machine and will fill any room with music. The Victor I used a very basic no-frills design, and some of the components are somewhat crude in construction and assembly by today's standards, but this was what the buyer got when purchasing a low-priced model back in 1908. The hardware is all correct down to the nuts and washers.  The pictures tell the story, it is truly an awesome restoration. We have priced this model very affordably. It is absolutely gorgeous, and will be quite a conversation piece in any home.

You can find more on the Victor 1 by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.



PRICE: $1500.00 

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