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VV-IX  S/N 77600 Type D with Wood Mfg. Company Base Cabinet

Build Date:  November 1913

Originality:   1  Untouched original. Only urntable felt replaced

Overall Condition:   4+   Nice condition throughout, finish still has lots of shine

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The VV-IX was Victor's most popular table-top model, having been produced from April 1911 through 1925. It was one of the longest-running Victrola models. A total of more than 550,000 were sold because it provided a great value for an affordable price.  With a powerful two-spring motor, well finished cabinet and full-size 12" turntable, it competed well against many of the floor model machines of the era. This machine is a true survivor, having the early cabinet design (later versions used carved "feet" on the bottom of the cabinet), and a very good original finish with plenty of shine. This machine is complete and all hardware is correct.  Only the turntable felt has been replaced. There are some light scratches here and there, but overall this is in far better than one would find at an antique store or flea market.  The original nickel-plated hardware still gleams.

The base cabinet, which was designed for this specific Victrola model (and sold by Victor Dealers), features the "automatic record ejection" system. Simply slide a record into a slot, and you can push the appropriate button, and the record will be ejected forward for easy removal. It works quite well. It was produced by the Wood Manufacturing Company, who also made business file cabinets. These base cabinets are not common, since many buyers opted for the machine only wthout spending extra for a fancy cabinet. The base cabinet in in good shape, but the finish is tired and somewhat crazed, and there are a few dings here and there. We are offering these items as s set, as they were intended to be together, and look great as a combination.  We don't list many VV-IX's for sale on our website, because they are quite common and most of our buyers are looking for models which are a bit more "upscale", but this set is so original and in very decent shape, that it would be a shame to wholesale it out at auction.  Plus, the ejection base cabinet is not a common accessory. This would be a great "starter machine" for the new collector, or as a conversation piece for someone who wants an original Victrola at a very affordable price.

For more information on the IX, please click here.

As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have recently been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.


PRICE: $795.00


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