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VV 1-70 Serial No. 20711  

Build Date: 1928

Originality:   3  Beautiful older restoration, with correct materials and processes

Overall Condition:   3   Very nice condition, showing only the slightest wear

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The 1-70 was a tabletop model produced during the late 1920's, when electrical recordings were becoming very popular. The old-style "acoustic" Victrolas sounded anemic as compared to the newer machines (which featured improved soundboxes and "folded" horn designs), and Victor produced the 1-70 to take advantage of the improved sound quality available from the more advanced horn designs, at an affordable price. We don't come across very many VV 1-70's, and the occasional ones that show-up at auctions and estate sales are usually trashed. Only about 38,000 of these machines were originally made, and since they were relatively low-priced when new, they tended to be tossed-out or given to the kids when they became obsolete. As a result, they were not well cared-for, and did not survive in large numbers. The fragile lacquer finish didn't last long when stuffed into a hot attic or damp basement. This example is a solid survivor. It was correctly restored (using lacquer, as was originally done at the factory) by a well-known collector about 10 years ago, and was meticulously cared-for since that time. The finish is exceptional. Nickel plated parts still gleam. It looks "brand new".


Interestingly, this machine has an "EXPORT" designation clearly marked under the motorboard, meaning that it was slated to be sold outside of the USA. Toward the end of the production run of of most Victrola models from this era, any surplus inventory remaining at the factory was commonly exported to other countries where the demand would always be high). In addition, this example sports an "HMV No. 4" soundbox, which was installed on many machines in Europe. The "HMV No. 4" and the US "Victrola No. 4" are virtually the same soundbox, with different stamping on the flange. So it is likely that this machine was originally exported to, and sold in Europe (or a European Colony somewhere) in the late 1920's. We simply cleaned the cabinet, and rebuilt all the mechanics.


The sound quality from these small tabletop models is exceptional when playing back a good electrical recording. This would be a great conversation piece in the living room where floor space is a problem.  As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty. You can find out more about the 1-70 by clicking here.


NOTE: We will replace the No. 4 soundbox with the optional nickel-plate "Orthophonic" soundbox (for even better performance) at no charge for interested buyers. This was a choice which was available for buyers when the machine was new.



Price: $ 595.00

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