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The IV was Victor's lowest priced model for many years. Production was started in September of 1911. Full production was discontinued in early 1924; however VV-IV's were still being assembled and shipped in low volumes as late as the spring of 1926. Catalogs state that the only available finish was oak, however a few rare examples have turned-up with a mahogany finish. Very early VV-IV's had a stamped steel grille covering the horn opening (near left); subsequent versions used conventional wood slats (below). In 1917, the slats were totally removed, revealing a hollow horn opening (right). Apparently, this was not a popular cost-cutting move, and the slats re-appeared the following year. Several design changes were made during production of this Victrola, as indicated by the change of suffix letter after the serial number. Most changes were of a very minor nature.  The IV used a simple single-spring motor. 

The original 1911 selling price of the IV was $15.00. At the end of the model run, it sold new for $25.00. An estimated total of 608,000 Victrola IV's were produced. 

The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-IV to be S/N 751 and the latest to be S/N 603071.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1911 501-20000 Stamped Steel Horn Grille (ends around S/N 10000, replaced by conventional wooden slats).  Flat Crank Shank. Speed control located on rear of motorboard. 
1912 20000-75000 Some machines have an A or B suffix
1913 75000-112000 B suffix until replaced by C suffix very late in year
1914 112000-163500 C, D or E suffix used. Use of round crank shank begins around S/N 160700
1915 163500-215000 E suffix 
1916 215000-290000 E suffix. Some machines use "IV-" as model designation after mid year
1917 290000-380000 E suffix early in year. IV-A* designation used after mid-year (around S/N 328000). Slatless ("hollow") horn opening on late year machines.
1918 380000-434000  Horn slats return on machines made after mid-year (around S/N 400000)
1919 434000-463000 IV-A* designation discontinued early in year (around S/N 440000)
1920 463000-499000  
1921 499000-510000  
1922 510000-524000  
1923 524000-545000  
1924 545000-576000  
1925 576000-583000  
1926 583000-608501  

* Note: the "A" designator after the model indicates a revised motor design. The A was later dropped from the dataplate, but the improved motor remained

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