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QUESTION: I have a whole bunch of important questions about my Victor or Victrola. Please answer all of them immediately.  Is it really rare? How rare? How do I get the motor to stop banging? How many did they make? What year was it made? How much can I sell it for, and where should I sell it? Are my needles valuable? Why do my 45's wobble all over on the turntable, how do you center them? What about my cousin's Edison machine, can you fix it for him? How does the motor control thingie work? How do I fix a busted lid? The motor spring is greasy, can I wash it in the sink? Is my RCA TV set covered on your site? Can I play my dad's vinyl Led Zeppelin records on it? Can you send me personalized repair instructions? My screwdriver fell down into the horn, how do I get it out? Why can't I turn the crank? Was it built during the Civil War? What happens if I put motor oil in the tonearm gooseneck? How do I remove, clean and grease the motor springs on my kitchen table?  Can I sell my records for a lot of money? Why does the turntable felt smell so bad? I want to know a bunch more stuff, so can we become pen pals forever?

SARCASTIC BUT TRUTHFUL ANSWER:  AH-HA. Now be honest. You haven't read any of the introductory pages of this website, have you?  So is it your wish that we should read-through all your questions, look up the answers for you, copy them over from our web content, and then send them back to you in an emailed response? Hate to disappoint, but that is not going to happen!

Readers should be aware that this website receives over 140 emails every day, most requesting free help or information in some form. The frustrating part: the answers to over 95% of the usual submitted questions are already covered here, and the same 15 questions are asked over and over. (See our section on Annoying Repetitive Questions for the common questions that are sent to us). The vast majority of these questions can be answered by simply beginning with the GETTING STARTED section linked on the home page and following the steps that are described. If you spend just 30 minutes of your time, you will most certainly find the answers you are looking for. If we took just 3 minutes to respond to each question that is emailed to us, we would be spending 7 hours each day providing a free question-answering service.

If, after having searched this site, you are sincerely unable to find what you are looking for, please email us for assistance and we will try to respond.  However, we regret that we are not respond to email questions when the requested information requested is readily available on this site.  It just isn't possible to answer the mountains of common questions that we get daily.

We have spent a great deal of time and effort to develop a comprehensive informational website on Victor and Victrolas, so please feel free to spend as much time as you wish reading the material.  And unfortunately, we can't become "Victrola Pen Pals' dealing with long chains of questions and answers.

And for polite (non-sarcastic) answers to many specific questions you may have, please continue reading down the FAQ's page! A lot of information is provided there!