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Victor Sales Network: Territory of Hawaii


Note: This listing will be updated continuously over the coming months.

Some dealers may have multiple addresses; this can be due to having several branches or from having moved to a new location

Distributors are shown in RED. Many distributors also owned retail stores, so both retail and wholesale outlets may be covered under the same name, at the same (or different) addresses


IMPORTANT: Please help us by contributing to this site. If you know of a Victor Talking Machine dealer who is not shown in these listings (via a tag on your Victor phonograph, an old advertisement or other means), please email us at with the information. Also, if you live near one of these dealers, we would love to have some current pictures taken at the location (even if it is an empty lot!) to share with our readers.


City Dealer Name Address Links Map
Honolulu Hawaii Distributing Co. Fort and Queen Street Map
Honolulu Hawaiian News Co. 1000 Bishop St. Map
Honolulu M Bergstrom Co. 1020 Fort Street Picture Map
Lihue Lihue Store     Exact Address Needed

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