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Victor Sales Network: State of Georgia

Note: The listings below are for HISTORICAL VICTOR DEALERS from the early years of the 20th Century. They are not current phonograph retailers. Please see our Dealer Locator page for more information.

Some dealers may have multiple addresses shown; this can be due to having several branches or from having moved to a new location

Distributors are shown in RED. Many distributors also owned retail stores, so both retail and wholesale outlets may be covered under the same name, at the same (or different) addresses


Please help us by contributing to this site. If you know of an historical Victor Talking Machine dealer who is not shown in these listings (via a tag on your Victor phonograph, an old advertisement or other means), please email us at with the information. Also, if you live near one of these dealers, we would love to have some current pictures taken at the location (even if it is an empty lot!) to share with our readers.



City Dealer Name Address Links Map
Athens Bernstein Bros. Exact Address Needed
Athens Dorsey Furniture Co. 215 N. Lumpkin St. Map
Atlanta Bames Victrola Store 64 Peachtree St. Map
Atlanta Cable Piano Co. 82 Broad St NW Picture Map
Atlanta Chamberlin-Johson-DuBose Peachtree SW & King Blvd Map
Atlanta Elyea Talking Machine Company 51 Forsyth Street Map
Atlanta Elyea-Austell Co. 15-17 North Pryor St. (now Park Place NE) Map
Atlanta Evans-Salter Musical Bureau     Exact Address Needed
Atlanta Goodhart Tompkins Co. 83 Peachtree St Map
Atlanta Leroy Webb & Co. 83 Peachtree St. Map
Atlanta Phillips and Crew Piano Co 82 N. Pryor St Map
Atlanta Phillips and Crew Piano Co. 482 Pryor Street SW Map
Augusta Charles F. Rossignol Exact Address Needed
Augusta J.B. White & Company 936 Broad Street Picture Map
Cartersville Ben C. Gilreath Drug Company     Exact Address Needed
Columbus Humes Music Co. First Avenue Picture Exact Address Needed
Columbus Humes Music Co. 1032 Broad St. Picture Map
Fitzgerald Bradshaw Music Company      
Macon H.P West Music Co. 420 Cherry St. Picture Map
Macon Irvine's Music House Exact Address Needed
Macon Williams-Guttenberger Picture Exact Address Needed
Rome E.E. Forbes Piano Co. Exact Address Needed
Savannah B.J. Shepherd Co. Barnard & York St. Picture Map
Savannah Cable Piano Co. 218 Broughton St. West Map
Savannah Lindsay & Morgan 7 West York St. Map
Savannah Phillips & Crew Piano Co. 242 Bull St Picture Map
Thomasville C.C. Cocroft Music Co. 105 S. Broad St. Map
Thomsaville C.M. Tuttle Jewelry     Exact Address Needed

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