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Borgia I / VV 9-3


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The Borgia I was  one of the very first "high end" radio/phono combinations, introduced in early 1926. It featured an RCA Radiola Model 28 radio and large Victor Orthophonic phonograph with a horn of similar dimensions as that used in the famous Credenza model. This model was virtually identical to the Borgia II, with the exception that the Borgia I offered only acoustical reproduction of records (the Borgia II offered the user a choice of acoustical or electronic reproduction via the use of 2 different pickups). The Borgia I sold for $675.00, which was $325.00 less than the Borgia II, but both models used identical cabinets. The Borgia I did not include an AC adapter (as was featured on the Borgia II), meaning that the radio must be battery powered; therefore the Borgia I was a better choice for homes where AC power was not yet readily available. All Borgia I models were produced in walnut.

An estimated total of  1,600 Borgia I's were produced until it was discontinued in late 1927.







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