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The Auxetophone was one of the most unique phonographs ever produced by Victor. Introduced in 1906, it utilized a small air compressor to provide additional amplification to the sound, making this large model an appropriate choice for theatres, restaurants, etc. The compressed air was used to modulate vibrations at the soundbox diaphragm, and through a very clever valve scheme, it could produce remarkably loud and clear volume in virtually any situation. This concept was originally invented in England, and licensed to Victor for the sum of $10,000.00, a huge amount of money at that time. It underwent a partial redesign in 1909 to improve performance, and there were modifications made to the cabinet design.

The Auxetophone sold new for a whopping $500.00, limiting sales to hotels, large restaurants and other business establishments. It has been estimated that total production did not exceed 500 units. It was discontinued from the product line in 1918. This model is highly prized by collectors today.

Production records are very limited for this model. Documentation does exist for a few years of manufacture, the results of which are noted below. At present, no correlation of production dates to serial numbers has been made.





Manufacture Date Number Produced Feature Notes
1909 185  
1910 0             
1911 46            



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