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VV 4-90 / VE 4-90 X/ Alvara

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There is very little surviving data on the production of Orthophonic machines for the Canadian market. The Alvara was possibly produced by Victor in Camden for export and sale solely for the Canadian market, although it is known that some limited production and assembly operations were based in Montreal. The 4-90 was a basic floor Orthophonic phonograph, with a 2-spring motor and mahogany or walnut finish. It sold new for $190.00 CDN with a spring wound motor. Electric powered versions sold for $35.00 CDN extra. It was introduced in 1926 and discontinued around 1928. As many components are identical to some of the US-made Orthophonic models such as the VV 4-3, it is likely that this machine was a "hybrid" design intended to share mechanical and cabinet parts, while retaining a unique design appearance from the US versions. 

Production numbers for this model are unknown, but based on serial numbers of surviving examples, it is estimated that at least 30,000 were produced.







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