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Alhambra II / VV 7-2 / VE 7-2


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The Alhambra II was an "upscale" version of the Alhambra I radio/phono combination model.  It featured the latest Orthophonic reproduction for records, along with the latest (and best) RCA Radiola Model 25 Superheterodyne Radio (battery operated). The Radiola 25 offered superior tuning and stability as compared to other models. Victor contracted with RCA to provide radios for these consoles, but RCA also had agreements with other phonograph companies (such as Brunswick), so the combination radio/phono idea was not unique to Victor. However, this was Victor's very first attempt at an "entertainment center". The Alhambra used a double spring turntable motor and a mahogany cabinet. A lever was provided to switch operation from the radio to the phonograph by switching the horn's acoustic connection.  The Alhambra II sold for $425.00 new.

Approximately 280 Alhambra II consoles were produced, making them one of the rarest models offered. Only one example with an electric motor (VE) was made. However, since the cabinet and most components are identical to the more common Alhambra I,  the current valuation is modest. All were made between January and April 1926.






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