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The VV-90 was introduced in 1921 when Victor updated their product lineup. It was intended as a replacement for the popular VV-XI, but with a slightly smaller cabinet and without casters. All VV-90's had the semi-automatic brake and a two-spring motor, and was available in  mahogany, oak or walnut, but the most popular choice was mahogany.   Production of the VV-90 was ended in 1922, but due to a large unsold inventory it remained in the Victor catalog until 1925.

The original 1921 selling price of the VV-90 was $125.00. An estimated total of 85,500 Victrola 90's were produced. 






The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-90 to be S/N 588 and the latest to be S/N 86000. 

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1921 501-54500  
1922 54501-85900  

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