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VE 9-16 E


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The 9-16 was a radio/phonograph combination that shared its cabinet with another similar combination model, the VE 9-18 E. The 9-16 was introduced during the summer of 1928, a few months before the 9-18, and was a lower priced set using an RCA Radiola 18 AM receiver and amplifier system. It included Victor's electric phonograph (without changer), and an electro-dynamic speaker. All 9-16's were produced using a combination of walnut and oak veneers in an Early English style cabinet.

The original 1927 selling price of the VE 9-16 was $750.00.  An estimated total of 2100 VE 9-16' s were produced until it was discontinued from the catalog in 1929. All VE 9-16's were manufactured during the latter part of 1928.








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