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VV 8-36 / VE 8-36X


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The 8-36 was a large Orthophonic Victrola introduced in 1928 for the export market. Like it's US "clone" (the VV 8-35) the 8-36 had a lower and more modern-looking cabinet than the Credenza. Unlike previous Victor designs, the 8-36 did not have doors covering the record albums; albums were stored with the colorful backings exposed on shelves located on both sides of the machine (albums not shown in this picture). At the time this model was introduced, the price of Victor Electrolas had dropped significantly, and consequently, the popularity of the acoustic phonographs quickly waned. Thus, this was one of the last large acoustic phonograph that Victor produced.  The VV 8-36 was available only with a walnut finish, and included an automatic brake and 4-spring motor. All 8-36's are identical in features, and it differs from the 8-35 only in cabinet trim. Production of the 8-36 was discontinued in late 1928, although it remained in the Victor catalog during the following year. 






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