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VV 8-12 / VE 8-12


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The 8-12 was an Orthophonic Victrola introduced in 1927, replacing the discontinued VV 8-4. The 8-12 had a much thinner profile (less cabinet depth) than previous large Orthophonics, making it much easier to fit into a room. This was accomplished by folding the exponential horn vertically rather than horizontally, as had previously been done on all large Orthophonic models.  While this design reduced the cabinet's depth, it also changed the form-factor and efficiency of the horn, resulting in somewhat reduced high frequency response and a different overall sound quality, sometimes described as slightly "hollow". Nonetheless, the 8-12 had a beautiful design, and sold well. The VV 8-12 was available only with a mahogany finish (although some custom finishes were produced on special order, as shown on right), and included an automatic brake and a 4 spring motor. Very early 8-12's have gold-plated hardware; all later versions use an antiqued bronze finish. Otherwise, all 8-12's are identical in features. The 8-12 was discontinued in 1928.

The original 1927 selling price of the 8-12 was $235.00. An estimated total of 21,749 hand-wound Victrola 8-12's were produced. 

The 8-12 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 8-12) for $35.00 extra, and a total of 5,522 of these machines were produced.





The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 8-12 to be S/N 519 and the latest to be S/N 22491. 

The earliest existent VE 8-12 (electric) is currently S/N 547 and the latest is S/N 5906


Manufacture Date

Serial Number Range

Feature Notes







VE 8-12 Electric:



1927 501-2400     
1928 2400-6023     

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