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VV 8-10 / VE 8-10


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The VV 8-10 was produced by Victor for sale solely for the Canadian market. It was a floor Orthophonic phonograph, with a 2-spring motor and blended mahogany finish. Advertising literature of the era refers to this model as the "Little Credenza", as it had the same basic features and design as the flagship Credenza with a smaller horn and cabinet. It sold new for $175.00 CDN with a spring wound motor. An electric motor version was available at $205.00 CDN. It was introduced in 1927 and discontinued around 1929. It is likely that most of this machine was manufactured at Victor's plant in Montreal, as it is a unique model to the Canadian market.

Production numbers for this model are unknown, but based on serial numbers of surviving examples, it is estimated that at least 30,000 were produced.






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