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VV 7-11 / VE 7-11 X


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 The 7-11 was a combination radio/phonograph, introduced in 1928. It utilized an RCA-produced Radiola Model 18 radio and an acoustic Victrola Orthophonic phonograph. The 7-11 featured a small Orthophonic horn which was folded around to exit behind the turntable (inside the cabinet). Thus, the cabinet doors had to be open in order to listen to records. The radio used a cone-type speaker for reproduction. Finishes in mahogany and walnut (shown) were available along with gold plated hardware. All 7-11's were manufactured in 1928, although they continued to be sold by dealers through early 1929.

The original 1928 selling price of the 7-11 was $250.00. The electric-motor version (VE 7-11) cost an extra $35.00. An estimated total of 12,000 Victrola VV 7-11's and 14,300 VE 7-11s were produced. 








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