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VV 7-10 / VE 7-10


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The 7-10 was a basic radio-phonograph set, introduced in late 1927. It utilized an RCA-produced Radiola Model 16 radio and an acoustic Victrola Orthophonic phonograph. Like other low-cost instruments of the period, the 7-10 featured a small Orthophonic horn behind the front doors.  The radio utilized an electro-magnetic driver coupled to the horn through a valve-type switch, allowing the user to manually select radio or phonograph operation. A mahogany veneer was used. All 7-10's were manufactured in 1927, although they continued to be sold by dealers during the following year.

The original 1927 selling price of the 7-10 (with spring wound phonograph motor) was $275.00. The electric-motor version (VE 7-10) cost an extra $35.00. An estimated total of 5,800 Victrola VV 7-10's and 288 VE 7-10s were produced. 







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