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VV 4-40 / VE 4-40


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The 4-40 was a popular Orthophonic floor model, introduced in 1927. It was priced slightly above the VV-4-7, and offered a larger and more stylish cabinet design. The 4-40 was available only in a mahogany finish, and included an automatic brake and two spring motor. Nickel-plated hardware was used for most of the production run, but in 1928, an antique bronze finish was featured. The 4-40 was produced until 1929.

The original 1927 selling price of the 4-40 was $165.00.  The VV 4-40 nomenclature is unique for a Victor product, as serialization for this model started at 80,000, as the 4-40 was viewed as a continuation of the 1925-1926 VV 4-4 "Granada" model (Granada production ended around S/N 80,000).  See the section on the Granada model for more information.

Except for the change in the hardware plating, all 4-40's have identical features. An approximate total of 95,600 spring powered versions were produced.

The 4-40 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 4-40). It is estimated that a  total of 11,500 electric versions were built. Serialization for the electric versions was started at approximately 12,800.




The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 4-40 to be S/N 80058 and the latest to be S/N 176659.

The earliest existent VE 4-40 (electric) is S/N 12832 and the latest is S/N 24799

Manufacture Date

Serial Number Range

Feature Notes



Serialization of the 4-40 started at 80000







VE 4-40 Electric:





Serialization started at 12800








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