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VV-125 / VE-125


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The VV-125 was a top-of-the-line "redesigned" upright Victrola, introduced in 1923. It was essentially a replacement for the discontinued older-style VV-130. This premium model featured an enlarged horn opening, gold plated hardware, a four-spring motor, and bowed front and side cabinet panels. The lid was also flattened to modernize the instrument's appearance. In 1925, the 125 added the air-drop lid feature, eliminating the need to manually disengage the latch mechanism in order to close the top. The 125 was only available in either mahogany or extra-cost walnut finishes; several were produced with custom hand-painted designs as well. Metal "gliders" replaced the usual casters on this model.

The original 1923 selling price of the 125 was $275.00. An estimated total of 2,600 hand-wound Victrola 125's  were produced, making it one of the rarer models of the mid-1920's. 

A total of 299 VE-125's (Electric) were produced per Victor's production data. Factory records do not match existent serial numbers; data would indicate that far less that 299 were actually made.







The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-125 to be S/N 509 and the latest to be S/N 2652.
The earliest existent VE-125 is S/N 544 and the latest is S/N 558

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1923 501-2000            
1924 2000-2500        
1925 2500-3101       Add air-drop lid      
VE-125 Electric:         
1923 None     
1924 501-540   
1925 540-???    Add air-drop lid    

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