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VV 1-5


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The VV 1-5 portable was introduced in 1926 as a "step-up" model from the basic VV 1-6. It had a cloth-covered wood case, with a single spring motor. Sound was radiated from the rear opening behind the turntable and was reflected off the lid.  Like the 1-6, it used a No. 4 Soundbox.  The 1-5 was produced for a relatively short period, ending early in 1927. Most were made in 1926.  It did not feature Orthophonic reproduction.

The original 1926 selling price of the VV 1-5  was $35.00. An estimated total of 25,000 Victrola 1-5's were produced, making it one of the rarer portable models. However, a general lack of collector interest in portable Victrolas restricts the current valuation of this and similar models.

No detailed breakdown of serial numbers is yet compiled. 





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