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VV 1-4


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The 1-4 was an Orthophonic-era economy tabletop model without a lid.  The 1-4 was made in Camden, but intended solely for export into Central and South America, however some were apparently sold in the Southwest USA. This phonograph was little understood until recently, when a few have turned-up at auction and on internet sale lists. This machine used the non-Orthophonic No. 4 Soundbox, (similar to the domestic VV 1-70) and did not use an exponential horn.  Catalogs indicate that this model was first released in 1927, and an estimated 12,000 were produced before the model was discontinued in 1928.  Although it is similar in appearance to the VV 1-1, it is slightly larger, and includes small "feet" supporting the base. Existing examples have an oak finish. 

The original 1927 selling price of the 1-4  is estimated to be $25.00 US (exchange rates would dictate local sale prices). At present, insufficient data exists to derive a yearly serial number or production breakdown; however it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority were manufactured during calendar year 1927.

Note: Picture at right has an incorrect soundbox. The Victrola No. 4 was the only soundbox originally sold with this model



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