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VV 1-2 "Aladdin"


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The 1-2 was a virtual clone of the low price VV 1-1 Victrola with the exception of decoration. This model was intended for use by children; for an additional 50 cents, the purchaser got a phonograph in white enamel, with storybook characters painted all around the cabinet.  This model used the old-style Exhibition Soundbox, a simple single spring motor, and did not offer Orthophonic performance. The thin wood case had an open bottom, and the volume control doors were eliminated, resulting in a very light and economical phonograph without many features.  The enamel paint on these machines did not age well, and it is rare to find a 1-2 today without a lot of paint flaking. The 1-2 remained in the Victor catalog until 1929, although factory records indicate that none were manufactured after late 1927. Early production models have the dataplate attached to the side of the machine; subsequently,  the plate was moved to the top of the cabinet, under the turntable. For these machines,  the turntable must be lifted off in order to read the serial number. Some early examples have been documented with Alice in Wonderland figures, rather than the Aladdin characters.

Around December 1925, the 1-2 was given a name change to "Aladdin". Presumably, this change was made to correspond to the introduction of the new Orthophonic Victrolas,  many of which used names rather than model number designations. 

NOTE: Phonograph in picture has incorrect soundbox. All Aladdin models came with the Exhibition Soundbox (not No. 2 as shown).

The original 1925 selling price of the 1-2 was $18.00. An estimated total of 22, 673 Victrola 1-2's were produced. 


The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 1-2 to be S/N 1659 and the latest to be S/N 21245.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1925 501-15500 Name changed to Aladdin in December 1925
1926 15500-19000             
1927 19000-23174            



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